French Bulldog Vs English Bulldog. Which Is A Better Dog For You?

Comparing French Bulldog vs English Bulldog is difficult with both adorable, intelligent, and stunning as pups and adult dogs. If you are an English Bulldog owner, we wouldn’t dare to tell you a Frenchie is the prettier version, but many would say it. These magnificent breeds are delightful pups with plenty of similarities and few notable differences.

As relatives, they have uncanny similarities and with their gorgeous and cute wrinkly faces combined with sociable, playful nature as pups, they are brilliant family pets who anyone adores. Frenchies are the streamlined, more compact version of the sturdier English Bulldog.

As the classic bulldog, the English Bulldog has a meatier and wider head that is held by a sturdy, strong neck. Frenchies on the other hand has more delicate features with a smaller head that is held by a longer, thinner neck. A French bulldog has rounder, larger eyes compared to English bulldog’s smaller eyes which are set wider apart.

‘Kind but courageous, friendly but dignified, the Bulldog is a low-slung, thick-set, well-muscled bruiser whose “sour mug” face is the universal symbol of courage and tenacity. These docile, loyal companions adapt well to town or country.”

American Kennel Club

Appearance. French Bulldog Vs English Bulldog

The Famous Ears

Frenchies with the bat-like elongated ears are the only breed accepted by the AKC. Ears and skin are these beauties’ most notable differences. The bat-like, tall, and erect ears of the Frenchie is a loved trait whereas its equally beautiful counterpart’s ears drop down to rose shape at the side of his skull.

Skin and Coat

People that do not know their dog breeds could still confuse an English bulldog with a but definitely not a Frenchie! A French bulldog has a much tighter skin with fewer folds. He only has folds above his muzzle between his eyes and nose. The most notable feature of an English bully is the droopy chops falling from the side of his nose, overhanging his lower jaw.

Both dogs have smooth, short coats but whereas Frenchies must have specific colors to be accepted by kennel clubs, English bulldogs have a wider color variety. Their tails are different too with a curly tail resembling that of pigs. You will also find English bullies with corkscrew tails, but a reputable breeder does not breed with this type of tail as it could have spinal problems.

Weight and Size

Frenchies hardly ever exceed 28 pounds while English bulldogs go up to 50 pounds. Frenchies are the miniature version compare to English bulldogs who are also a few inches taller. Frenchie heights measure from 11 – 13 inches vs 14 – 15 inches of an English bully. Frenchies are more in proportion and dainty whereas English bullies are square in stature, stockier, and squatter.

French Bulldog vs English Bulldog – Temperament

Both gorgeous breeds, these dogs have similar personalities. French and English bulldogs that are properly trained and socialized are friendly with other dogs, people, and great with kids. The stubborn streak that Frenchies show from time to time is present in English bullies as well. Both breeds are highly intelligent despite their stubborn and strong character. They appear to simply “not have time and patience” to do repetitive actions and quickly lose interest.

The Velcro Breed

French and English Bullies have been bred as a companion dog and if you are a parent of one of these already, you probably experience the constant following. Both these breeds are sociable creatures craving human attention. Even though the English bulldog is heavier and bigger than the Frenchie and you may have a dead leg both love snoozing on their parent’s lap.

It is in their nature to be the center of attention, which is why they can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for too long. Both Frenchies and English bulldogs experiencing separation anxiety lead to them experiencing panic. This is when your home gets torn apart and chewed up. Dog training is therefore very important, teaching them to play with interactive toys and have them crate trained.

Center of Attention vs Laid-Back

Frenchie’s parents know their pup loves being the center of attention, is fun-loving and silly while they love showing off with clown antics. On the other hand, do you get the canine kingdom’s most laid-back dog, the English bull with his terribly chilled demeanor? While he loves fun too, he will prefer laying upside down with legs and belly in the air while expecting you to do the hard work of entertaining him.

Mischievous vs Dignified

Frenchies are mischievous and playful which makes it a great pet when you have children or spending time with your dog. An English bulldog on the other hand is a dignified gentleman. Their energy levels are very similar with both breeds needing around 30 minutes of daily exercise, as adults. With both happy to nap and chill all day long, you will never have to worry that they get too little exercise.

“Puppies – Playing and long walks are enough with 15 minutes at a time, several times a day. Don’t overdo it, as he is growing rapidly, and you don’t want to put stress on developing muscles. Use common sense, if he looks like he is overdoing play, he probably is. Pick him up, cuddle him and he will probably fall asleep in your arms.”

Bulldog Club of American

Top 3 FAQs – French Bulldog vs English Bulldog

French bulldog breed information

1Which breed puts the bigger damper on your wallet?

AKC registered breeders list French bulldogs and English bulldogs between $2, 000 and $4, 000 and higher. The cuteness of Frenchies comes at a steep price tag with so-called rare colors like blue more expensive. See our post on colors! At any time when you buy an English Bulldog below $1, 500, beware. Both breeds are expensive when you buy from a reputable breeder and what makes them more expensive is the health issues accompanying them especially the English Bulldog.

2Which breed is the better choice for apartment dwellers?

The first question you may ask when living in an apartment is dog activity and second, noise level. You cannot keep a dog that needs plenty of space and exercise and neither a dog that is prone to barking. French and English bullies as you learned are not very active, especially the English bully. Both breeds are calm and will bark only when there is a problem. Both will do great when you live in an apartment.

3Why are both the French Bulldog and English Bulldog called brachycephalic breeds?

Brachycephalic is a trait that both breeds share, it refers to the flat, wide shape of their heads. Brachy means short whereas cephalic means head. This skull shape gives dogs a short muzzle and the characteristic flattened face. It is this same feature that can potentially lead to respiratory concerns.

French Bulldog vs English Bulldog – Health Differences

An area where these dogs are very similar is an important health issue. Both these breeds are prone to contracting Brachycephalic Syndrome. This is due to poor respiratory structure and flat faces. It causes issues with breathing and heat control which is why you should not train them during high temperatures. Always make sure they are well hydrated too.

English Bulldog National Breed Club Health Checks

  • Hip Dysplasia – an abnormal formation of the hip and elbow joints that leads to painful arthritis as they age.
  • Patella Evaluation – a painful potential problem with a kneecap popping out of place.
  • Cardiac Evaluation
  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation – screening for potential eye problems like Entropion, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and Cherry Eye

English bulldogs as well as French bulldogs can suffer from a range of skin allergies like Staph infection, Demodectic Mange, and other yeast infections.

Greedy Eating. French Bulldog Vs English Bulldog

Frenchie owners will say their breed is a greedy and gourmet eater, however, they probably haven’t owned an English bully yet. Unlike Frenchies are English bulldogs at high risk of becoming overweight, which is detrimental to their health. You must take care when giving them snacks too and one thing that might soften your heart is those sad puppy eyes, but don’t give in.

“Good advice to Bulldog owners would be ensuring they don’t overfeed them while giving them enough exercise to keep them in great shape. Being overweight exacerbates breathing issues and more health conditions.”

The UK Kennel Club

With both breeds predisposed to weight gain, especially the English bulldog, the additional weight put a strain on their joints making getting around difficult on their little legs. Overweight Frenchies put pressure on their lungs, so when you consider these harmful impacts, reconsider giving in to overfeeding these breeds.

Care Demands and Grooming

French Bulldogs vs. English Bulldogs as far as care demands go are low-maintenance pets. However, the Frenchie is a safer bet when you are a rather hands-off dog owner. Frenchies are low shedding with only a weekly brush required to keep his coat looking good. English Bully shed more and to keep it in check, you should brush 2 – 3 times a week. A big draw is the adorable wrinkles in both breeds, but that also brings in extra work. The skin between the folds must be kept dry and clean and obviously, the more wrinkly face of the English bulldog requires extra attention.

Training Comparison

French bullies are intelligent and pick up commands easily, however, their independent streak requires owners to remain consistent with a training regime. You cannot falter and give in to a Frenchie’s stubbornness, or training will become an impossible task. English bulldogs beat Frenchies as far as stubbornness is concerned. These beauties are both stubborn and lazy! If you are a first-time dog owner with a need for an obedient pup, you are barking up the wrong puppy ally. One day he may listen whereas he may completely ignore you the next.


You cannot go wrong with either of these! Both make excellent companions but as with any dog, each has challenges. Frenchies love cuddling but have more spunk and energy than his English cousin. The English bully is very chilled but takes up more space while it isn’t exactly a suitable size for your lap – he will still try to be a lap dog though!

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