Baby French Bulldogs: Your Guide to These Adorable Pups

Puppy French Bulldogs are among the most lovely babies you can get. Still, it’s common for owners to underestimate both the difficulties and benefits of proper care. If you’re a new or soon-to-be owner, this guide will help you know everything you need to take care of your new Baby French Bulldog.

Even though they’re marketed as a low-maintenance breed, truth be told, some difficulties are unique to this breed. That’s why, even if you’re an experienced owner, this guide will help you a lot. Here we’ll cover:

  • First vital tips to take care of them.
  • Vital areas and tips to keep them in check.
  • A few extra suggestions to help them as they grow!

When you finish reading this article, you’ll be prepared to raise a wholesome Frenchie boy or gal. Let’s get started!

Baby French Bulldogs: First Vital Tips

If you’re about to get a French Bulldog puppy, or if you already got one, it’s probably two months old. That’s because for most reputed owners this is the safest time to deliver French bulldogs puppies. Usually, they come potty trained, vaccinated, dewormed, and sometimes microchipped. The vital part to take into account here is the habits he’s bringing with him.

If your puppy is potty trained or trained in other ways, you must stick to that. This will help him to easily adapt to the new environment, as well as to maintain the good habits he has learned in his short life, and to replicate them forever. On the other hand, if he has bad habits, you must train him to do as you please. Potty training is a highly important matter for that case, so consider paying special attention to that.

Also, it’s important to note that all dogs at this age may suffer from some sort of separation anxiety. This is nothing to worry about yet, as this is part of the adaptation process. That matter can be easily solved with separation anxiety toys and crate training. If you apply that, this won’t become an issue as they grow.

Baby French Bulldogs Vital Areas to keep an eye on

French Bulldogs are beautiful, yet rather complicated dogs. We can assure you that, even if a breeder tells you they’re low maintenance, they’re not. They are mid to high-maintenance, and this is a highly important aspect to keep in mind if you want to avoid vet trips. The amount of maintenance they require is not that much, but it is constant. Here are some of the areas to keep in mind:


The head of Baby French Bulldogs is the most vital place to pay attention to. Here you’ll need to take care of their ears, mouth, teeth, eyes, and folds. Folds are among those unique things of this breed. You’ll need to clean their ears properly, brush their teeth, clean around their eyes, get them the right type of dog food to protect their teeth,  and constantly clean and dry their folds. You probably know all of this, but you must start as early as you can to apply these care tips.

The sooner you start, the better they will adapt to it, so it won’t be an issue when they grow. Dogs don’t like any of this; that’s why it’s so important! It’s recommended that you pay attention to those places every day if possible, but at least three times per week is okay.

Skin and coat:

French Bulldogs are slightly prone to suffer from allergies. This is fairly easy to determine by paying attention to their skin and coats. Even though most of the time this won’t be a threat to their lives, it will be a threat to their comfort and quality of life. That’s why keeping them clean is a must. To do so, you must give them baths at least every three weeks or on a need-to basis. Even more, to avoid giving them too many baths, your best friends will be wet wipes. There are many different types, but we highly recommend hypoallergenic ones.

Paws and nails:

This part of their bodies is often overlooked, yet it’s another vital part of their health. Baby French Bulldogs won’t have high energy levels, nor will they run around a lot. Instead, they prefer to sleep and cuddle with you. That’s why you need to take care of their nails.

 Their paws are safer, but if you live in a place with rough, hot, or cold surfaces, they can get injured easily. Grooming their paws and nails at home will reduce the amount of money you spend on them each month!

Weight management:

 We love fat Baby French Bulldogs because they look freaking adorable. However, this is not good for them in any way. What you want to do is to feed them well because it’s one of the most important phases of their growth and development. Get the right dog kibble (that also protects their teeth), feed them the right amount, and keep them as active as you can within the breed’s limits.

Heat control:

With this breed, it’s vital to get a few cooling products to keep them at good temperatures, especially if you exercise them or live in hot areas. This can save their lives!

Baby French Bulldogs: Other good tips to keep in mind

  • Baby French Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed. This means they’re not able to breathe as efficiently as other breeds, so they’re prone to heat strokes and they can’t swim that well. As babies though, they love to play.
  •  You must know when they can or when they shouldn’t. Swimming is a no-no when they’re babies! Only when they grow you can get them a kiddy pool or something like that, but it’s not a good idea to take them into the ocean.
  • Maintain their vaccines up to date.
  • Take them to the vet every three months: Preventive trips to the vet are way better than emergency ones!

Make sure to check out our wide selection of French Bulldog products to take care of them as they grow!


Baby French Bulldogs are no regular puppies. They are among the so-called shadow breeds because they never want to leave your side. To keep them happy and healthy, you need to find a balance between good levels of attention and independence to give them, so they don’t become a mess with separation anxiety. That’s just heartbreaking!

They require a little bit of extra care to develop into great pets. You need to know that not only do they need care, but they also need tons of attention and love. Finally, it’s all worth it and part of the experience of becoming a Frenchie’s dad or mom.

So, are you ready to get your Baby French Bulldog?

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