Debunking 4 Myths About Brindle French Bulldogs

The Brindle French Bulldog is the most common variation of the French Bully out there. It is elegant, beautiful, and incredibly elegant, that’s why it’s also one of our favorites. Here you’ll find out everything you need to know about the Brindle French Bulldog:

  1. The description of a perfect Brindle Frenchie(according to standards)
  2. How to identify a Brindle French Bulldog
  3. How their genetics work
  4. Common Misconceptions about a Brindle French Bulldog

And more interesting facts about this variation of French Bully. When you finish reading, you’ll be an expert in identifying the different types of Brindle Frenchies. Let’s get started!

What are the Brindle French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs are one of the most magnificent breeds ever to be created. Nowadays, the standards are as clear as water in different aspects of the breed. All of them state that the Brindle French Bulldog is one of the different variations of a French Bulldog coat. That’s why it is accepted by all the different KC around the world. It’s important to note that, just like with the Pied French Bulldog, the Brindle is not a color, but a pattern that the Frenchie’s coat may present. Not only it is a pattern, but it’s also the most common pattern present in their coats, because of the genetics behind it, but we’ll get there in a while.

Brindle French Bulldog Coat – Description

This pattern has different variations that fit the same description:

  • The Brindle pattern is composed of black hair mixed with fawn. The varying factors in the Brindle pattern are the Fawn coloring, which has a wide range that goes from dark to light fawn. Black hairs in the pattern can vary in distribution, making the appearance of the dog vary a lot. There are extremely dark Brindle Frenchies that appear to be black to the eye, still, to be called Brindle, there needs to be at least some percentage of Fawn present in the coat. Other markings of white color can also be present in the coat, usually on their chest, and they’re mostly accepted.
  • For show-quality Brindle French Bulldogs, the color must fit the standard, but the most important thing about the coat it’s the smoothness, ease of grooming, and an appropriate short length.

Brindle French Bulldog – How does their genetics work?

The Brindle gene in Frenchies is a dominant gene called Kbr. This gene intervenes with other genes (A, D, and B-Locus genes) and doesn’t let them express different colors on the coat (aside from that white marking on their chest). What does this mean? If you pair a Brindle French Bulldog with another Frenchie of a different color, the resulting dog will be inevitably Brindle. This is like that because two sets of genes can be located in the K-locus; the Kbr and the ky. The Kbr gene is dominant over the ky gene, which is known as the “allowing” gene.

If two ky genes are present in the K-locus, then genes from the A, D, and B-Locus will interact to determine the final color of the dog’s coat.

Phew, we needed to triple-check that. Genetics are so confusing!

How to identify a Brindle French Bulldog?

Well, this one is pretty easy. You see, a Brindle French Bulldog can be identified simply by comparing the colors that compose this pattern. If fawn coloring is present, and the dark area of the coat is solid black disposed of in the characteristic Brindle distribution, then it’s a true Brindle French Bulldog. If the color of the lighter part of the pattern is lighter or darker than the range of the fawn coloring, then it won’t be accepted by standards. The coat is also pretty easy to spot in French Bulldog puppies. Sometimes puppies present larger light areas, but you must know that they may get darker as they grow.

It’s important to note that there’s no such thing as a Black Brindle or fully Black French Bulldog. That is not an accepted color; it’s a fad color that it’s not part of the standard. If you see advertising about it, you should get another breeder. Check out our breeders’ list for French Bulldogs in the USA!

Brindle French Bulldog – Common Misconceptions

A few things are going on with the conception of a Brindle French Bulldog. For example, some people think they are not accepted, which is a common confusion they may have. Why? Well, because a slightly similar breed, the French Bulldog, is not accepted by standards if its coat is Brindle.

# 1 Misconception – French Bulldogs’ “rare colors”

Blue Brindle, Sable Brindle, Chocolate Brindle, and other “rare Brindle” French bulldog colors are completely fake. They’re simply fad colors, created by dog designers, and not a part of the breed, thus they shouldn’t be called French Bulldogs.

# 2 Misconception – Brindle French Bulldogs variations

They are completely black in some versions of the Brindle variations. And that’s false! You see, as we said, the Brindle gene is the Kbr, and it’s dominant over the rest of the genes. Now, the Black gene is a gene, which is located in the A-Locus. Also, it’s important to note that black breeds are usually predominantly black in their genes. This means that, if a pure black version of Frenchie existed, it would be the most common one.

Finally, if you think the Brindle French Bulldog is different in any aspect than the rest of the Frenchies, that’s also a no-no. They’re the same, aside from that beautiful tiger-like Brindle coat.

Conclusion – Brindle Frenchies

The Brindle French Bulldog for the win! If you’re planning to get a French Bulldog you must consider this coat color. It’s one of the most beautiful versions of the Frenchie even though it’s also the most common one. It is highly appealing, elegant, and noticeable in a doggy crowd. We love the darkest versions of it as they look royalty-like and luxurious. There’s no reason to go out looking for fad colors like Blue, Chocolate, or Lilac when you can have the best version of this breed with its actual natural colors!

Are you ready to get yourself a brindle puppy?

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