Do French Bulldogs Bark? Discover Why They Are Excellent To Keep Anywhere!

Do you wonder if French Bulldogs bark? Your Frenchie may have a glum expression, but he is one of the most entertaining, comical, and dependably amiable breeds. If you don’t know the breed you will never guess that he is as comfortable on a farm as he is in an apartment. Do French Bulldogs bark? is a question that many potential parents ask especially when they find out this gorgeous breed is far livelier than you might suspect. Frenchie puppies are terribly frisky and an absolute lover of toys and balls. Ball chasing is certainly a top passion. With adult Frenchies champion couch potatoes and dignified they also love walks and clowning around. That is why so many want to know if this is a quiet breed or do French Bulldogs bark a lot?

“Frenchies are charmers. As a breed of few words, French Bulldogs don’t bark a lot. They are, however, alert dogs that make them excellent guard dogs.”

American Kennel Club

How Much Do French Bulldogs Bark?

Your Frenchie with his unique personality does bark but so little that it is significant to talk about. Most Frenchies only bark their unique bark when they have something to say. When you compare a Frenchie with another breed, you could say a Frenchie doesn’t bark as they are not by any means excessive barkers. When you hear his bark, it is actually adorable as it is often a comical and unique sound. Compared to other small breed dogs, they do not have the irritating yappy, constant barking personality.

When Do French Bulldogs Bark?

When in alert mode, happy or excited, Frenchies may bark. The great thing about Frenchies that bark is that you will pay attention as pet parents know their dog has something to say. Another animal could be by his food bowl, etc. French Bulldogs bark for reasons like:

  • Genetics
  • Distress
  • Territorial aggression
  • Alarm
  • Seeking attention
  • Pain
  • Anxiety

How Often Do French Bulldogs Bark?

If you are a potential French Bulldog parent, especially one that lives in an apartment it is natural to ask how often do French Bulldogs bark. Living in an apartment may affect neighbors, while Frenchie owners with young children worry about waking up or upsetting young children with constant barking. Unfortunately, you have no guarantees or concrete answers to this question as each Frenchie is different. However, this is a breed not known for barkers while they will bark occasionally. Plus, they train very well, therefore, can you train them to communicate on-demand!

Top 3 FAQ – Do French Bulldogs Bark?

French bulldog breed information

1Do French Bulldogs bark a lot?

Frenchies do not bark a lot even though they are an energetic, frisky small dog breed. They are super fun-loving and playful with humans and other dogs and a talkative breed. While they don’t really bark, they use a range of alternative noises. Instead of constant barking, they have plenty of gargles, growling, crying, whining, and wailing when they want to play or make themselves heard.

2Can I teach my Frenchie to “speak”?

Yes, this highly intelligent breed is a “talker” instead of a barker! Plus, they train very well. Get yourself a clicker and treats and establish what makes your Frenchie bark, growl, or make his communicative noises. If it is a person knocking, ask one of your family members to knock on your door. When your joyous Frenchie barks, click the clicker but make sure you click while barking and not afterward. When you have clicked, give him a treat. When he knows he gets a treat when he barks you can start teaching him to speak. Before he can bark, say to him, “speak”, when he barks or make his noise, give him a treat. He will learn that speak means he must make his noise or bark.

3Why does my Frenchie growl?

This adorable breed has a bright, cheerful personality, therefore, when he growls, something is wrong in his environment. After you ruled out a health issue, check other reasons causing him to growl. Is someone or another dog by his food bowl, is there another animal insight, is someone knocking at the door? Plenty of things can cause his growling and you must make sure too that his growling is actually “growling” and not simply his individual noise that they are known to make instead of barking.

“A French Bulldog is an excellent watchdog. While this breed isn’t an excessive barker, it has a strong territorial streak. This means, if your French Bulldog barks, dog owners can pay attention. He is definitely warning you that someone is there, or something is wrong.”

American Kennel Club

Surveys of Frenchies owners stated that 85% of their Frenchies do not bark very often or a lot. Your next question may be why this particular dog breed does not bark much. The only answer to give is that it isn’t in their nature. When they want to communicate, they use other methods or noises. It is important to remember that while they are not known as barkers, they bark when they have important communication. This is excellent as Frenchie’s parents are immediately alert and attentive as they know something is amiss.

french bulldog bark

What Do Frenchies Bark Sound Like?

As a Frenchie parent, you will learn that all barks are not equal, and bark isn’t always a bark. What do we mean by this? It means that your Frenchie’s bark may not sound like a typical dog bark. Take other small dog breeds that are typically known for their high-pitched squeaky bark. Since a Frenchie falls in the small-breed category, it makes sense that their bark may be similar. For example, breeds like Chihuahuas or Yorkies who bark almost continuously once they start, you will not find a Frenchie barking non-stop or unnecessarily.

French Bulldogs are a small breed with big personalities. Originally bred as companion means they are people orientated and dislike being left alone. Your Frenchie may like to make a noise. How much though is down to their personality, their training, and owners. This said, they are not barkers unless something is wrong, or they are bored. Frenchie owners having problems with excessive barking or noise, should seek advice from an accredited behaviorist.

Your gorgeous, jubilant Frenchie’s bark can be described in more than one way. Even though it is called a bark, it may sound more like an excited yelping or growling. It will not be unusual that your guests believe your Frenchie growls at them while he is in fact super excited that there are guests. It is his way of welcoming them with his unique “talking or greeting”. Look at your french bulldog’s tail, which is a dead giveaway. When he does his yelping or growling, his tail is usually wagging happily. This extraordinary breed is infamous for its various very funny sounds it can make.


French Bulldogs are a superb breed that makes ideal pets because of their playfulness, loyalty, intelligence, and ability to communicate with their owners without constant barking. Their sense of perception and sensitivity is apparent in how they use noise to alert their owners of anything important. You will never have to worry about noise levels when living in an apartment. Spending enough time with your Frenchie will soon allow you to understand what he needs when he needs it with his clever and unique ways of communication.

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