Lilac French Bulldogs: Stay Informed with the Latest Guide

Lilac French Bulldogs: Should you get one?

Lilac French Bulldogs are one of the major Frenchie trends concerning their coat color; everyone wants one! Still, our duty as a community is to offer you verified information about this “rare” color in our favorite breed, and the dangers behind it. Many doubts have arisen online about this variation on Frenchie:

  • Are they good or bad?
  • Is this a natural color?
  • Are they all sick?

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Lilac French Bulldogs! After reading this article, you’ll know for sure if you should get one or not. Let’s find out!

Lilac French Bulldogs: What’s all the fuss about them?

Lilac French Bulldogs are the ones that have a blueish or lilac hue, pretty similar to the Blue French Bulldog we’ve talked about. They can have all the different patterns or markings of a regular Frenchie, the only difference is the slightly Lilac coloration you can perceive with specific lighting.

They are indeed cute, yet not accepted by any Kennel Club or respectable breeder’s community. Most of the breeders that specialize in this type of Frenchie are not part of those communities either and are perceived as unethical. This is mostly because this is not a natural color in a French Bulldog. Instead, it’s a fad color, which couldn’t appear by mistake.

What causes this Lilac coat?

The Lilac coat is produced when certain genes interact in a Frenchie’s DNA. Two main genes play a role in this coat; D-genes and B-genes, both associated with Blue and Chocolate French Bulldogs. They are both dilution genes in charge of watering down colors present in a Frenchie’s coat by interacting with other dominant genes. They are also recessive, so you would need two pairs of genes in each Loci to get a Lilac Frenchie, and no other dominant genes are present.

To produce that coloring, Blue and Chocolate Frenchies are mixed to obtain Lilac puppies.

Lilac French Bulldogs: What’s wrong with them?

One of the main reasons people should avoid getting one of these dogs is that they have issues similar to the ones present in Blue Frenchies. Since both dilution genes are replicated, the resulting French bulldog puppies may have:

  • Blue or Yellow eyes: This eye color in Frenchies is unnatural and can cause blindness and cataracts at a young age.
  • Skin issues: Issues like Color Dilution and Alopecia are also present. It’s important to note that this causes further complications related to inflammation and scarred skin in French Bulldogs, not to mention the increased proneness to diseases and allergies.

Ultimately, this coat color is often related to a lower quality of life in French Bulldogs, and a rise in vet expenses as the dog grows older. Some of them die at an early age from issues related to these conditions, which can be a source of immense pain for unaware owners.

Additionally to that, they’re not an accepted variation that should be replicated.


Even though there’s a crowd of defenders comprised of breeders and owners that claim Lilac French Bulldogs can be healthy, there’s too much risk behind them. Some believe that their issues can be ruled out genetically so only healthy ones are replicated. However, it’s clear to us that the main risks are still there, and that it’s a gamble we’re not willing to take. The main motivation behind this practice is money!

Also, they’re not an accepted variation of the breed, so replicating it will harm the perception of French Bulldogs as uneducated people may have. If you’re interested in French Bulldogs, you should get one that is within the standard. Make sure to educate yourself on that matter before trying to get one.

So, do you still want a Lilac Frenchie?

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