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There are many different types of White French Bulldogs, which makes that first question hard to answer because each one has different things that make them interesting, good, or bad. To accurately respond, we’re going to:

  • Enumerate the different types.
  • Show you their differences.
  • And finally, we’ll tell you if you should pick one or the other.

This is important because some people may fall prey to bad breeders that want to get rid of faulty dogs…

It’s 2021, for Frenchie’s sake! Sigh…

It’s vital to know the differences because some of them have health issues that will determine their quality of life, and of course, yours. Let’s get started!

What are the different types of white French Bulldogs?

This might sound incredible, but there are five different types of white Frenchies.

  1. Common white Frenchies: These French Bulldogs are the regular ones that don’t have any specific condition. Even though this is an accepted color in KC around the world, this is not a common one to see.
  2. Albino French Bulldogs: Albinism is a condition that affects the pigmentation of the skin. It’s fairly easy to recognize them, as most of the time they have pink lips, ears (inside), and noses.
  3. Frenchies with leucism: This is yet another skin condition. It causes a white coat similar to the one caused by Albinism, but this one doesn’t cause major complications. Actually, the genes that cause this type of coat color are associated with the Pied pattern.
  4. Merle Frenchies: Merle dogs also have predominantly white coats. This condition causes health issues that can harm the quality of life of a dog that suffers it.
  5. Pied French Bulldogs: The piebald pattern is an accepted variation of their coats that is predominantly white. Check everything about it here.

If you’re really counting, there’s the sixth version; extra light creams French Bulldogs. Those appear to be white sometimes, but since not all of them do, we didn’t count them.

“Dogs with white coats and dark eyes or noses can sometimes be confused as an albino, but unless they have pink noses and pink skin around their eyes, they are not albino, just white-coated”

Pet MD

Which Type of white French Bulldogs is safe to get?

Common white Frenchies, Leucistic, and Pied Frenchies. They are completely safe to get because none of them have health issues related to their white coats. However, Albino and Merle dogs can have a ton of issues that are directly related to their color.

Albino and Merle dogs can both suffer from blindness, and deafness and are highly susceptible to skin cancer. They need a lot of care to avoid those issues since even a little bit of direct sunlight can harm them.

Common misconceptions.

Some people believe that whites shouldn’t be a part of the breed’s standard. However, their insecurities are directly affected by the different types of White Frenchies. Since there are five types, it’s common to be afraid of them being sick, like Albino and Merle dogs. However, this doesn’t apply to all of them!

How to distinguish the different types of White Frenchies?

There are different ways of knowing which type of Frenchie you’re seeing. Here’s what to do to recognize each type:

  • Albino type: Albinism causes depigmentation in most cells of the body. This includes their eyes, lips, ears, and paws. It’s easy to recognize them because most of them have red eyes due to the loss of pigments.
  • Leucism: This type of dog is very similar to Albino dogs. As a general rule, they don’t have red eyes, which is only a physical attribute seen in Albino dogs. However, some Albino dogs may not have red eyes! That’s why the only 100% sure way of determining if a dog has Leucism or Albinism is through lab tests.
  • Merle dogs: Merle dogs can have different patterns in their coats, including Pied dogs. They are predominantly white, but most have mottled patches. In the case of Frenchies, it’s hard to determine if one of them is Merle without tests, especially if it’s a Pied Frenchie. If that’s not the case, the dog may present regular colors along with pink or white eyes, pink lips, paws, and skin.
  • Pied and White Frenchies: They are easy to recognize because they don’t have any of the different qualities of the others. They have dark-colored eyes. Also, their skin is not pink, but darker instead.

“People believe, some breeders say erroneously, that white dogs will be deaf, that they are hyperactive, or that they are plainly daft.” Pet MD


White French Bulldogs can be amazing pets! Even though it’s a concern for most uneducated soon-to-be owners, this is nothing to worry about. Now you’re prepared to know which type of white dog you’re getting. Another often-forgotten tip to consider is to ask for all the information about the dog you’re about to get. This can save you a lot of time whenever you suspect the dog you’re getting is healthy.

A good breeder should give you health records of French bulldog puppies and more lab tests to prove their pup’s health. If they refuse, the dog probably has issues. This applies to all breeds!

As you now know, they’re fairly safe to get. Still, you must know how to take care of them, because any dog can develop issues if he’s not well protected by its owners.

So, are you ready to get a white French Bulldog?

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