French Bulldog Breed: Check now your knowledge about it!

Top 20 Facts You Should Know About French Bulldogs.

Frenchies are a famous breed and we all love them. Check out these facts you didn’t know about them!

  1. They are a relatively new breed. First time back in the 1800s!
  2. They are direct descendants from Toy Bulldogs, an extinct breed of remarkably small Bulldogs that was created in England.
  3. French Bulldogs are not French! They’re from England, they are the result of a cross between bulldogs, French Bulldogs, small terriers or ratters.
  4. They were sent to France, where they became popular and where they adopted the name of Bouledogue Français. And the name stood!
  5. They were incredibly fashionable from the beginnings of the breed. They were the go-to dog option of socialites and French prostitutes back in the day.
  6. Frenchies have been among the most famous breeds throughout history, ranking in 4th place for the AKC nowadays.
  7. It is one of the best breeds for departments because they barely bark!
  8. They’re often confused with Pugs because of their flat faces. However, they might be cousins because some people think they might have been mixed throughout history.
  9. The Bat ears are their most distinctive feature, but there are rose-eared Frenchies.
  10. “Frog Dog” and “Clown Dog” are among the common surnames Frenchies have received.
  11. They rank as 109th place in the intelligence ranking, under French Bulldogs. However, there have been cases of astoundingly intelligent French Bulldogs!
  12. At least 80% of Frenchies require human help to reproduce effectively; it’s hard for them to reproduce naturally.
  13. They are a brachycephalic breed, which means they are prone to developing breathing issues.
  14. With proper care and healthy routines, they can live up to 13 years!
  15. They are among the most sought after companion breeds.
  16. They suck at swimming and flying (in airplanes, duh).
  17. Frenchies are always on Hollywood’s spotlight since many stars, like Hugh Jackman and Lady Gaga, have them as pets!
  18. There was a French Bulldog on the Titanic! Survivors said they saw him swimming when the ship sank.
  19. They are friendly, but also have an attitude. Some of them are like small grumpy Bulldogs!
  20. They snore a lot! Prepare for some snuggly and heartwarming videos of comfy sleeping!

HOW French Bulldogs…?

How long do French Bulldogs live?

French Bulldogs Dogs live from 12 to 15 years with proper healthcare. Learn how to keep them healthy with these essential products!

How many puppies can have a French Bulldog?

They can have from 4 to 6 puppies, but in some cases, they can have up to 9.

How big do French Bulldogs get?

According to standards, they grow between 13-20 pounds. More than that is considered overweight, so keep them between these limits to have a healthy French Bulldog. Learn how to feed them properly with our tips!

How smart are French Bulldogs? Are French Bulldogs smart? Are French Bulldogs intelligent?

They’re often seen as goofy, but this is just a misconception. They are among the smartest and most loyal breeds!

How much does a French Bulldog cost?

Check-out the most detailed, specialized and updated page on the web about this topic here!

How much are black French Bulldogs?

Check-out the most detailed, specialized and updated page on the web about this topic here!

How much are French Bulldogs Puppies? How much are baby French Bulldogs?

Check-out the most detailed, specialized and updated page on the web about this topic here!

WHEN French Bulldogs…?

When were French Bulldogs first bred? When did French Bulldogs originate? When were French Bulldogs bred?

French Bulldogs are one of the oldest breeds! They come from China (as early as 700BC) and were bred to be company/lap dogs. Also, they were used as guard dogs and trackers.

When do French Bulldogs stop growing?

French Bulldogs reach their adult size after 9 months.

When do French Bulldogs stop teething?

They start around 3 months of age and stop around the 8th month of age. It’s a hard time for them, so you’ll probably want to chose one of our recommended teething toys or chews.

When do French Bulldogs calm down?

French Bulldogs have a playful soul. They start to calm down when they reach seniority; however, they will always want some love and attention from you!

When do French Bulldogs shed? When do French Bulldogs shed hair?

They are a double-coated breed (some of the black French Bulldogs are single-coated) which means they are heavy-shedders, especially during the change of seasons. Excessive shedding can be a disease since regular shedding won’t cause bald spots! Check our tips on shedding here!

French Bulldogs Breed

WHERE French Bulldogs…?

Where do French Bulldogs come from?

Their earliest origin is China.

Who Created French Bulldogs? Who Made French Bulldogs?

They come from China, and they are the result of years and years of genetic modification used by humans.

What French Bulldogs were bred for?

They’ve been used as lap dogs, companionship dogs, guard dogs, and tracking dogs through history.

Where to buy French Bulldogs for sale? Where can I find a puppy for sale? Where can I find French Bulldogs for adoption? Where can I find French Bulldogs to Adopt?

There are many websites where you can adopt or buy a French Bulldog! Check out or French

WHY French Bulldogs…?

Why do French Bulldogs lick so much?

There are many reasons for excessive licking in French Bulldogs. Stress, boredom, and even allergies can be the reason. Get yours one of our recommended toys and help them release stress!

Why French Bulldogs are so cute? Why do I love French Bulldogs?

Because they’re so different from other dogs, they are certainly special. They are always looking for your love, so our natural instinct tells us to love them back!

Why do French Bulldogs smell?

If your French Bulldog has a smelly coat, bad breath, or any other bad smell coming out of him, take him to the vet because it is not normal. Check out some of our tips for keeping your French Bulldog clean!

Why French Bulldogs are the best? French Bulldogs are good pets?

French Bulldogs are the perfect pets because of their loyalty! They are always around you, earning the nick of Shadow. They will never leave your side, they are easy to train, and are the cutest!

Why French Bulldogs can’t swim? Do French Bulldogs swim? Can French Bulldogs swim?

French Bulldogs are brachycephalic and because of that, they don’t have the physical traits to swim. However, they can swim, and actually like to do it during hot summer days. Keep an eye on them always, though!

Why can’t run? Can French Bulldogs run? Why can’t breathe?

Because of their brachycephalic nature, they’re not runners. They can’t breathe as efficiently as other dogs, so you probably need another training partner. Learn more about French Bulldog’s health problems.

Why can’t walk?

Some French Bulldogs have faulty legs, spine, and other problems due to defective genetics. This can make impossible for them to walk. However, if your French Bulldog is healthy, he is probably going to follow you everywhere you go.

Why can’t give birth?

French Bulldogs can deliver puppies on their own. However, some of them might need help from the vet if suffer dystocia, which is troubled delivery due to several reasons.

Why were French Bulldogs bred?

They were bred to be lap dogs and companions of royalty. Kings had cold laps!

Why do French Bulldogs eat themselves to death? (if they have unlimited access to food)

Many dogs do this, French Bulldogs included. This is very rare, but still, you need to avoid your French Bulldog from eating too much. They can get sick and overweight! Check out here the best bowls to avoid fast-eating!

WHAT French Bulldogs…?

What is the French Bulldog life span?

Regularly, between 12 and 15 years. Still, there are reports of them living up to 17 years!

What does French Bulldog mean?

French Bulldog comes from the ancient English word French Bulldogg, which means “playful little friend”.

What is the best dog food for French Bulldogs?

This depends on your French Bulldog’s age, special needs, and preference. Check out here the best selling food you can buy for them!

ARE French Bulldogs…?

Are French Bulldogs hypoallergenic?

No. Due to their double coating, they tend to shed, which causes allergies. You can still live with them with the right grooming routine. Learn how to decrease their shedding here!

Are French Bulldogs good pets? Are French Bulldogs good dogs?

The best of them all! They are loving, loyal, playful, but still lazy. They represent balance, which is much appreciated by many.

Are French Bulldogs easy to train?

Of course! They are pretty smart and simple to train. However, it’s even simpler if you start while they’re puppies.

Are French Bulldogs lazy?

It depends on your French Bulldog’s personality. Some of them are lazier than others, but still, all of them have their bit of laziness.

Are French Bulldogs Chinese?


Are French Bulldogs cute?

Big eyes, funny face, huge smile; that’s a yes!

Are French Bulldogs without squished faces? Are French Bulldogs without flat faces? Are French Bulldogs without wrinkles?

No, these are all characteristic traits of the breed!

French Bulldogs Breeders

CAN French Bulldogs…?

Can French Bulldogs sleep with me?

Sure, if you don’t mind the shedding and snoring. It’s therapeutic for some. Still, they tend to go to the bathroom at night so it might be better for you to leave him on his own.

Can French Bulldogs be left alone?

As other dogs, they can get anxious if left alone. Still, you can, and if they have this anxiety problem, get them something to chew while you’re gone. Get the best toys here!

Can French Bulldogs fly?

See any wings? No! For airplane travel, brachycephalic dogs have to fly with you as checked baggage, instead of in the cargo zone.

Can French Bulldog eat?

Yes, and they can get fat if you feed them wrongly. Learn to feed them properly here!

Can French Bulldogs get cold?

They can get cold during winter, so you should get them a protective coat or jacket. Find the most practical clothes for each season here!

DO French Bulldogs…?

Do French Bulldogs bite?

While playing? Of course. Out of anger or aggressiveness? Nope. Unless you, the loving owner, is in danger. They’ll defend you from anything, even though they’re small.

Do French Bulldogs bark?

Yes. Most of them can bark to protect or warn you from danger. If they bark too much, you can train them not to. Find here the best training snacks!

Do French Bulldogs eyes pop out?

They do not get out of the eye sockets, but they can protrude even more because of a disease called proptosis. Learn how to protect their eyes here!

Do French Bulldogs drool?

Only when they get excited. Clean them easily with our tips on how to clean your French Bulldog’s mouth!

Do French Bulldogs get cold?

Even though they have a double coating, they do get cold during winter. Also, the cold goes in through their paws. Learn how to protect their paws with our tips!

Do French Bulldogs snore?

Most of them do because of their brachycephalic skull which causes them to have abnormal breathing. Help them as much as you can with our tips on nose care!

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