Female French Bulldog: Explore The Queenies behind this popular breed!

If you’re looking to know more about Queen doggies, Female French Bulldogs, you came to the right place! Here, you’ll find the ultimate view from breeders, judges, and owners alike about the differences between female and male French Bullies. Since dogs, just like people, change with time, this guide will focus on how they evolve from French Bulldog puppies to adult Frenchies and the most notable changes. That should give you a pretty solid idea of how your female Frenchie will change as they age, thus making the decision much easier on you. Let’s get started!

Key differences between female French Bulldogs and male French Bulldogs

Even though they may be very similar in appearance, some existing subtle differences can let you tell a Female french apart. Firstly, their head is smaller when compared to a male Frenchie – though this is common in a lot of breeds. This can be noticeable in similarly-sized dogs from the same litter, but, it’s almost impossible to notice when they’re newborns and puppies.

Also, males tend to be bigger and heavier. As a rule of thumb, they are 3 or 4 pounds heavier than females. Female Frenchies also tend to look leaner and are slightly slimmer in the shoulders. Still, this is one of the non-strict rules for differentiating their sex, since every once in a while you can run into a big girl that’s noticeably bigger than her brothers and other Female Frenchies.

Aside from that, they look like bullies look; barrel-shaped, muscular bodies, and a moody or funny squishy face. Of course, if you’re like us, you’ll love both of them the same! Now, to the juicy bit; personality.

Personality traits of Female French Bulldogs vs Male Frenchies

In personality, the differences are noticeable in different aspects of their lives. For example, while undergoing training, females are smarter and better adapted to follow commands. Sadly, males are slightly more stubborn, or as we like to put it, “they have a mind of their own!”. Even though obviously females also have one, they are more submissive.

“Removing a female dog or cat’s ovaries eliminates heat cycles and generally reduces the unwanted behaviors that may lead to owner frustration”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

Aggressiveness levels

Another thing that makes them different is how aggressive they are. It’s important to note that all dogs can be aggressive under the right – or, well, wrong – stimulus. In this case, both males and females can be aggressive they are, still, both of them can be in different ways. Males tend to be aggressive to other dogs for dominance, when a doggy girl hits her heat, or because they refuse to get out of someplace or share toys.

On the other hand, female Frenchies can be aggressive if they are annoyed. If they don’t like to be poked, poke her three times and you’ll probably get an aggressive reaction; probably biting you or nipping. They are more prone to mood swings as well, even though this may or may not present aggressiveness.

How much they will love you?

There’s a subtle difference here that everyone seems to forget; female and male dogs love you differently. This also applies to Frenchies. In the case of males, they will love you and show it whenever they can, and will accept any playtime invitation you give them. They also love rough play.

Females are more of a reserved lover. They don’t show love as much as males, but somehow, they know how and when to do it, which is incredible for most owners. They are comprehensive in that way, and they’ll know how to caress you whenever you’re down. Their love is also warm, they love to cuddle a lot, and you’ll know how to appreciate that.

Friendliness towards other dogs/people

Even though female bullies are calmer, they can be rather protective when they meet other people or dogs. With other dogs, especially when not well socialized, they can be aggressive. Some female Frenchies simply don’t like every dog, so they can be selective as any human would be. There’s nothing granted though since this part of their personality varies greatly from dog to dog.

Changes of a Female French Bulldogs’ personality as they grow

Just like humans, a dog’s personality evolves from the moment they’re born until the moment they die. In the case of female Frenchies, their personality varies a lot as they grow.

  • As puppies: They tend to be playful, yet somewhat timid in some occasions. Still, this is much more visible when compared to male Frenchies. In some activities, especially new ones, they will be reserved. On the other hand, males will run into it excitedly. This part of their life will define a lot of their adulthood, so you must make sure that the right personality traits are boosted while diminishing undesired ones.
  • In their early youth (5 to 6 months): They will explore the world a little bit more comfortably. However, they will still be timid as they grow. They won’t be dominant towards other females, but it has been seen that they are towards several males if present. This is still part of their development, so they need to undergo training and socialization. If they’re not introduced to other dogs and people, the risk of them turning aggressive towards new stimuli is greater. The energy levels are high but not as high as those of a male bully.
  • In their adulthood (9 months): At this point, some of them are fully developed, Bullies. They will undergo their first heat, which can be very convoluted for new owners, especially if there are other male dogs in the house. Whenever they’re on their heat, they are slightly more volatile. If annoyed, violent outbursts of barking and nipping can happen. If that happens, make sure to apply corrective positive reinforcement. Some of them can be protected with or without their heat, especially if they had poor socialization. If that’s not the case, they can get along with just about everyone.
  • Senior females: Their personalities will be much calmer; pretty much a watered-down version of their personality as adults. Some of them will be grumpy grandma’s, being annoyed by high-pitched sounds and new stimuli. Still, this doesn’t apply to every dog.


Female French Bulldogs rule! Even though you might hear a lot about female bullies having a temper among other things, not every dog has the same personality. There’s a lot that goes into it, every aspect of their life after they’re born. So, you need to make sure that you get your dogs from a good breeder that gave your new puppy tons of love and some housebreaking. Not every dog is the same, so you can expect your Frenchie, female or male, to have a personality of their own.

So, have you decided to get a girl or male Frenchie? Let us know in the comments!

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