French Bulldogs for Sale: Get everything you need to know, Pros and Cons!

French Bulldogs for Sale – The Basics

Looking for French Bulldogs for sale is not an easy chore for anybody unless you wouldn’t mind spending some hours doing market research. Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered!

Looking for French Bulldogs for sale is not as easy as picking up one at a pet store!

“Cities banning retail sale of dogs…”

JAVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association Journals

French Bulldogs are, sadly, an exploited breed.


There are way too many French Bulldog puppies out there and the only way of stopping the practice is to avoid getting one from anyone.

 So… What can you do to help?

  • The option remaining is to find a good breeder, but that’s easier said than done. Are you ready to put some effort?
  • “Adoption is always the best option”, but, is it the option for you?
  • Are you the one to help a French Bulldog in need? Learn more about rescuing a French Bulldog – most of the times they really need the help of a kind, patient soul to heal and thrive.

Are you ready to discover your own path as a new French Bulldog owner? Let’s get started!

French Bulldogs’ Buying: PROS & CONS

French Bulldogs for sale

This is probably your first thought about getting a French Bulldog. It’s the most excellent option for getting a quality French Bulldog if you take all the necessary steps. Still, this depends highly on the access you have (wherever you may live) to select breeders. If there are no well-reputed and certified breeders around you, this might not be the option for you. The good thing is that French Bulldogs are loved by everyone, so there are breeders everywhere! You need to consider the French Bulldog’s cost and do some research before getting one.

“Purebred dogs can be obtained from reputable breeders”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

Buying Pros for French Bulldogs:

  • Buying is the best choice for new owners. Follow our guide on how to pick a French Bulldog puppy!
  • You’ll have access to a French Bulldog puppy that’s new to the world. This is an advantage if you want him to adapt to training.
  • You’ll have access to all the legal and vital information about the French Bulldog puppy you’re getting.
  • This is also the best option if you’re interested in getting your own future champion for contests!

Buying Cons for French Bulldogs:

  • You need to have access to a well-reputed breeder, which is harder in some areas. This is a problem if you can’t go somewhere else to buy a French Bulldog!
  • It’s also the most expensive of all the options. The prices of French Bulldog puppies vary a lot!

Buying a French Bulldog is not easy, and we at know this by experience. Among the first things, you need know is how much a French Bulldog puppy costs near you and where to find them.

French Bulldogs for Sale: Quality and the right price

A French Bulldog’s quality divides his classification (and French Bulldog Costs) in two: he can be a “Pet” or “Champion” dog.

  • Pet French Bulldogs for sale: They are those dogs that, even though they are 100% true French Bulldogs, with beautiful aesthetics and standard-like features, they have major flaws. Those flaws can be anything, from markings and odd coat colors to an undesired ear-type and health issues. Even though they are not acceptable to be show dogs, they can become a beloved part of your family without any trouble. Pet French Bulldogs can be also be mixed French Bulldogs.
  • Champion or Show French Bulldogs for sale: They are the breed’s peak standard according to official Kennel Clubs. These are dogs that come from a line of champions and have no flaws in any aspect of their being. Their bloodline, coat, eyes, ears, tail, and color are the perfect representation for the standard of the breed, and they can be selected to preserve these standards with official breeding programs.

Of course, determining which type of French Bulldog you’re getting takes a lot of experience with the breed. Asking for all the information a breeder can give you to support their bloodline and health is key as well. The price of these types of French Bulldogs for sale can vary a lot.

French Bulldog Puppy Market Season

Just as with any market, the puppy market has seasons for breeding. This has a lot to do with common celebrations, like Christmas, but it might vary from zone to zone. It’s the basic concept of demand and supply applied to puppies. If there are any puppies available, the price goes down. If not, the price goes up. However, this applies mostly to Pet French Bulldogs, and Champion quality French Bulldogs retain their price most of the time.

How to find a reputable French Bulldog breeder!

As we said, finding a reputable French Bulldog breeder is not an easy task. Nonetheless, there are some places you can always check to trace them:

  • Dog Shows are a great place to start your search for a reputable breeder. Ask around for the best local French Bulldog breeder and this will get you somewhere eventually.
  • Check if there’s a local Kennel Club. An official branch of the AKC anywhere can hook you up with some information about where to look for a reputable French Bulldog breeder. This is one of the best ways of getting a champion-level French Bulldog.
  • Go to the most reputed vet in town! Since a reputed French Bulldog breeder should take amazing care of the dogs, the most reputed vets should be a common visit for them. You can contact them through the vet and schedule a meeting or simply ask for a contact number.
  • Go to the most reputed pet store in town! Pet stores are often avoided since they are seen as some sort of faulty pet-laundering, where pet level French Bulldogs are turned to champions by a simple swap of names. This is only a recommended option for those looking for pet French Bulldogs. You must also be aware that you might run into some heavy puppy-mill operation. If this is the case, contact the authorities on the matter immediately.

Finding the best breeder this way requires a lot of patience and effort from you. That’s why most owners check out online sources first.

french bulldogs for sale

Where to find reputable French Bulldog breeders online?

Getting a French Bulldog online is another good option you must consider. However, we certainly do not recommend this method for owners new to the breed. Instead, if you have had French Bulldogs in the past or if you have studied the breed heavily, you have better odds to find a good French Bulldog.

The same filters of a visit to the breeder apply. You have to stick to our tips to pick a French Bulldog puppy to get it right, with the slight difference that the deal is online:

  • He’ll ask a lot of questions because he wants to be sure you’ll take good care of the puppy.
  • He wouldn’t hide anything like where or how he keeps his puppies and much more. Ask for credentials, pedigree certificates and to meet the parents of your future puppy. Other certificates for vaccinations, lab tests, and more are also important. The more you know about the French Bulldog’s origin, the better.
  • You must ask to interact with the puppies. This is the only way you can assess their physical attributes. Knowing how French Bulldogs are, how to tell if a French Bulldog is healthy, and much more is vital in this step.
  • Does the contract include a return policy if the French Bulldog develops an abnormality? Sign it immediately! This is rather optional since most people keep their puppies even knowing they’re not normal. Keep it in mind if you can’t afford further treatments, though.

It’s important to ask as many questions as you can and to assess the response of the breeder. This is much easier to do if you meet him in person.  Check out our recommendations on the best websites to buy, adopt, or rescue French Bulldogs all-over the world!

Red flags of bad French Bulldog breeders.

There are some signs that you must pay attention to determine if the breeder is as good as he states.

  • He doesn’t want you to meet the French Bulldogs or the parents.
  • He doesn’t want to give you access to the information about the French Bulldog puppies.
  • The French Bulldogs don’t have a pedigree or certificate whatsoever.
  • If the breeder has more than three litters at the time (puppy mill red flag!). There’s the chance that a good French Bulldog breeder has more than three litters, but you’ll need to check out by yourself their living conditions and human contact (good place and maybe more than one assistant to keep French Bulldog puppies socialized).
  • If the puppies are not together with their mothers and they are newborns or less than 4 months old.
  • He’s reluctant to get the French Bulldogs tested in a lab for a health clearance or genetic screening (even if you conduct the tests)

If more than one of those signs appears, run away from that breeder, as she/he is unethical!

Puppies Age

Puppies are usually sold once they hit the eight-week mark. After that, they are ready to be separated from the dam. Before that, separating them can create an unbalanced dog. After those eight weeks, they enter the market to be sold at a new-puppy price. After twelve weeks – and sometimes even before that, their price goes down. That’s a great time to take advantage of “old-puppy” offers.

“Responsible, proper breeding entails much more than simply putting two dogs together”

What you must know BEFORE buying: dogs are mistreated everywhere.

  • We don’t recommend you to buy directly from these pages and receiving your French Bulldog at home. Instead, get all the seemingly well-reputed breeder contacts there are to make a proper visit to your soon-to-be hairy soul mate.
  • We, at, do not support inhumane practices towards dogs. We love dogs, and we strongly discourage you from supporting these practices by buying a French Bulldog (or any dog) to anybody who claims to be a breeder!
  • You need to be careful to avoid buying a French Bulldog blindly without actually getting to know how it was treated before you bought it!
  • If you know about inhumane practices, contact your local authorities on the matter. Instead, we support rescues and shelters that use all their love to help dogs. After they finally abandon the puppy-mill hell, they will need your help!

French bulldog breed information

Frequently Asked Questions – French Bulldog For Sale

Is it hard to buy a French Bulldog?

Sort of. You really need to pay attention to our specific steps and tips if you’re looking for your next 100% healthy champion. It’s not difficult to actually buy the French Bulldog, what is difficult is to find a responsible breeder that cares for French Bulldogs as much as you!

Is it hard to rescue or adopt a French Bulldog?

It highly depends on your expectations. If you’re expecting to find a French Bulldog that’s perfect, say, a future champion, then yes it is. If you’re expecting to find a (hurt) creature to completely commit to loving it and caring about it, then no. In the latter, it can be the easiest choice you can make!

Why are French Bulldogs for sale so expensive?

Although it highly depends on where you are, buying a French Bulldog might not be a budget decision. And the reason is quite simple; they are incredibly cute. Believe it or not, that cuteness comes with a price. Also, they are a medium-high maintenance breed, and that starts right from their birth. After that, it’s simple math; the cost of having a French Bulldog-mom, a French Bulldog-stud, and of keeping the dogs in top-notch conditions, vet checks, food, and more as they get ready to be with you. Totally worth it!

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