Mini Teacup French Bulldog: Discover Pros and Cons!

Teacup French Bulldog – The Basics

One day you were scrolling down on Instagram or Pinterest and saw a post about Mini Teacup French Bulldogs. You immediately fell in two different ways:

First; you fell in love with a tiny ball of fur that was unbelievably cute and squishy. Secondly; you fell in one of the biggest – and latest – scams of mean, evil, and greedy breeders – a.k.a “greeders”. Sadly…

This happened to many of us…

You probably came into this website looking for more information about these so-called forever-French Bulldog puppies. You came to the right place! Here, you’ll find all the hidden truths behind the Mini French Bulldog, why they are a trend, and more about this inhumane practice that surpasses the level of absurdity humans can reach for money. As you read these words, you will notice how much we despise people who do this to such a beautiful and innocent breed as the Frenchies. For us, they are awesome as they are!

Warning: This post is directed to people that want real unbiased information about the Mini Frenchie and other similar Mini variations out there. The truth is not always pretty, but we must defend it regardless.

Mini French Bulldogs – A nefarious trend. The Worst Version Of Frenchies

Mini Teacup French Bulldogs is the name that people gave to a severely modified version – if you can call it that – of this breed. They are the result of heavy breeding processes that involve different methods to obtain a smaller dog that appears to be a puppy. This trend has been rising in popularity, as more and more people start supporting the practice, probably without knowing what’s behind it. Stars showing their “lovely” tiny dogs to their following and the world and more have encouraged certain unscrupulous breeders to start using the minis to attract more clients.

Also, since the trend is peaking, the prices paid for these extra small Frenchies is extra large. This is the seemingly never-ending cycle that both good breeders, Frenchie lovers, and Kennel Clubs have been trying to stop for years now, without actually achieving it. Hopefully, when you finish reading this post you’ll be one of the good guys.

“Epilepsy remains the most common and perplexing of chronic neurological pet diseases despite decades of research.”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

How are Teacup French Bulldogs created?

Mini Teacup French Bulldogs can be created using three different methods to reduce the size of the breed.

  • Chihuahua x French Bulldog mixes: Using breeding, dog designers pair a Chihuahua (the smallest of all breeds) and a common Frenchie to produce one litter. A different couple of Chihuahua x Frenchies is used to produce another litter. The resulting dogs are paired together – sometimes they also use inbreeding – to create another litter of smaller dogs. The first two litters were already extra small. After that, they simply repeat the process, adding more Chihuahua (to maintain the size) or Frenchie (to maintain the appearance) into future litters, until finally, the Mini Frenchie is obtained.
  • Creating litters with French Bulldogs with dwarfism: They use the same process, but instead of a Chihuahua, they use a Frenchie with dwarfism. Usually, they use inbreeding too since it’s hard to find Frenchies with that condition.
  • Using abnormally small dogs (without dwarfism): When dogs are undersized, this is considered a defect, so the dog is not used to produce new litters. Dog designers do exactly the opposite. They use runts of litters to mate with each other. They usually come with other congenital issues that will affect the resulting dog. That means Mini dogs will be getting the issues for being small, and other issues that are passed down genetically. Issues like narrow nostrils and poorly developed structures inside their bodies!

These are just three of the truths behind the practice!

The ugly truth behind Mini French Bulldogs

Many things are wrong with this practice. The fact that dog designers exploit dogs to make money is absurd. Most of the time, they do it under poor conditions, because obviously, they’re not the best breeders! Also, this practice can harm the dogs used in it. Especially in the case of Chihuahua x Frenchie Mixes!

You see, when they use this method, the dam is usually the Chihuahua. Now, as we mentioned, they are the smallest breed registered in the world! They reach a maximum weight of 8 pounds (and that’s a fat one). Big-boned Frenchies average 28 pounds – more than three times the weight of Chihuahuas! Do the math; there’s no way that a French Bulldog puppy comes out without trouble. Usually, a C-section is required. Sometimes Chihuahua dams can’t take the procedure. It’s sad and despicable to think about dogs as disposable objects, which is exactly what these people do.

And that’s just one method.

Frenchies with dwarfism – just like other breeds – have a plethora of health issues that will inevitably affect them throughout their lives. Hypoglycemia, digestive troubles, liver shunts, heart problems, respiratory problems, cervical issues, mobility issues, and even epilepsy are among the major concerns. All of them will add up in an amazing -possibly monthly- vet bill, and in a lot of depression from watching the poor creature suffer.

Another thing that no one mentions is the fact that they are way too fragile. French Bulldogs can be fragile too, as other dogs in the non-sporting category. However, if they are three times smaller, then the fragility goes up. That’s what happens when you live with a pup that can’t even jump to get into their beds. If you thought that Mini dogs were a good pet for kids, think again. If you live with other pets or bigger dogs, they are also a threat.

What are Mini Teacup Frenchies?

Mini Teacup French Bulldogs are, sadly, a being that was not meant to exist. They might look convenient if you live in an apartment or if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on food, and especially if you don’t have a lot of time to walk a regular dog. Still, the ton of issues they come with eliminating all possibilities of having a healthy dog. But not only they won’t be healthy; they will also have a life with not a single moment of feeling comfortable inside their own body.

That’s sad. Finally, add that and the tall price tag they come with and you’ll be getting the worst deal ever made.

How to stop the rising number of Mini Frenchies out there?

If you’re like us, and you want to help to get this mess together, then this post had the right effect on you. The good news is that anyone can help to eliminate this practice from the world, but we need to start. If you know a breeder that is applying this practice, here’s exactly what to do. Since this practice is surprisingly not illegal, there are a few actions that will affect the “breeders” business.

  • First of all, you must not contact any law enforcement institution unless you have proof of animal cruelty, which this practice is not. But, you can contact the AKC – or other variations according to the country – that the breeder is affiliated to. They can make him pay a fine and ban him of the club for a lot of time, while also blacklisting his breeder activities.
  • If you perceive animal cruelty but don’t have proof, yet you know they are breeding low-standard dogs, you can contact local shelters and rescues. They have different resources that streamline the actions applied after discovering these cases.
  • If you have proof of illegal breeding and other versions of animal cruelty (abused dogs, injured dogs, mistreating breeders, etc), you can contact the police or the Humane Society. They will deal with the breeder as needed.
  • You can also post in your social media about the case, or even contact websites or social media pages with the larger following to spread the information about mean breeders. If you can’t contact any of them in your locality, you can always check with any veterinary around you; both of them can have access to the right contacts to deal with this kind of issue.


Let other people know! Most of the time we understand why people are a victim of this marketing gimmick. Mini dogs are cut and seem to be convenient. But if we don’t educate ourselves in the standards of the breeds we love, we can reach a no return point where there are no healthy dogs in the market anymore. If you like a dog, get the actual dog that complies with their standards and is, well, healthy and comes from a good breeder. Share this post to collaborate with other people’s future pet-investment. We hope one day this practice is punished by laws that protect our beloved dogs. That’s the last step to eradicate it and fully defend good breeding methods.

Finally, if you get a good pet-quality French Bulldog, you probably will spend less money. To later spend the rest of what you would spend in a mini version of toys and goodies for your healthy boy!

So, do you still want a Teacup French Bulldog?

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